What is Professional Coaching?


Professional coaching is a partnership between Coach and Client in a creative thought process that inspires the individual to extend their personal and professional potential. The Coach acknowledges that the client is the expert in their life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Each Coach holds the Client accountable for the solutions and strategies developed during the self-discovery journey. Are you ready to unlock your potential?



What Does Opportunity In Change Offer?


We provide a safe venue to explore options for your challenges. Through holistic-centered coaching, strategic situational development is delivered to individuals. 


  • Personal Coaching: Work directly with a coach to develop goals and create a roadmap to get success. Coach provides accountability, reinforcement, and support for development strategies against what you are facing.


  • Self-Directed Courses: Gain career confidence, personal insight, and inspiration to gift yourself with permission to release anxiety and relax a bit.

Taken 02/2016 at Augusta Riverwalk by Mitzi

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